Zoom reminds everyone that it will soon kill its Chrome app


At the height of the global pandemic, Zoom plunged into fierce competition with Google Meet by offering feature parity and free calls during the holidays to millions of people. It quickly grew in popularity, and now anyone you ask is likely to use it on a daily basis instead of Meet. Of course, it also largely depends on their preferences and demographics, but there’s no denying that more people are using Zoom than ever before.

That said, the company decided last year to ditch its Chrome Web Store app in favor of its shiny new Progressive Web App, or “PWA” for short. Over the past few weeks, he has started placing a banner at the top of Zoom sessions and lobbies that says the following:

The Zoom Chrome app will no longer be supported as of June 2022. Use Zoom for Chrome PWA to join meetings. Learn more.

The support page takes you to the Chromium blog where Google has detailed its phasing out of traditional Chrome apps in favor of PWAs. Zoom’s decision to do this wasn’t exactly his own. Sure, PWAs offer significant advantages over Chrome apps, but they just stick to Google’s own timeline.

In June 2020, Google announced that it was going to remove these packaged apps and direct users to web experiences. The web has become quite powerful and honestly the possibilities are limitless so it makes sense. Since March 2020, it has stopped accepting new public apps on the Web Store, and since June last year, it has ended their general support on Windows, Mac and Linux, except for organizations that could continue to use a policy setting. to extend their support until June of this year.

Now we’re approaching that final milestone, and the Chrome Web Store will stop accepting new and updated Chrome apps that are both private and unlisted, placing their second foot in the grave for all platforms.

The blog post states that Google will continue to support Chrome extensions on all platforms, as they are different from the apps themselves. If you haven’t yet migrated to Zoom PWA from the Chrome app, you should take a few moments to do so by visiting it on the web or through the Google Play Store and “installing” it. I’ve already created a guide for doing this, and I highly recommend following it!


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