With build 22518, Microsoft recalls its new WSL application in the Microsoft Store


Microsoft released a new version of Windows 11 for Dev Channel Insiders last night (or earlier today, depending on where you live). Build 22518 makes changes to widgets, context menu and also adds new functionality. Read all about the features and enhancements in version 22518 here.

Meanwhile, the Redmond giant also reminded everyone of its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Preview app that it released in October via the Microsoft Store. To run the WSL application, just make sure the “Virtual Machine Platform” is enabled in Windows Features.

The company says:

WSL is now available in the Microsoft Store. It’s the same WSL you know and love, but just a different delivery mechanism. Installing WSL from the Store will make it easier to get the latest WSL updates in the future.

What Microsoft means when it says “Installing WSL from the Store will make it easier to get the latest WSL updates in the future” is explained in this article here.

Besides this friendly reminder, the firm also noted some additional changes made by build 22518:

  • We’ve made it easier for new users to get started with WSL in the Microsoft Store by modifying the `wsl.exe –install` command to install WSL from the default Microsoft Store.
  • We have added a few more arguments to `wsl.exe –install` to make it easier to configure your installation, such as` wsl –install –no-launch` which will install a new WSL distribution without launching it immediately.

A complete list of commands is available if you run “wsl –help”. Additionally, for those who have enabled WSL on Windows features, you can update to the WSL Store version by running the “wsl –update” command.

Source: Microsoft


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