Use this script to download all your Humble Bundle games

Sharaf Maksumov/

A lot of things are changing Humble package, and some of the changes don’t make users very happy. If you want to get out of the Humble Bundle system, there is a cool tool that will allow you to download all your games quickly and easily.

If you want to use the tool to download your entire Humble Bundle library to make sure the games are yours for the long haul (who knows if the company will make any other changes to its gaming policies), you can download script from sound GitHub.

There’s a bit of a process to get it working, but it’s all covered on the tool’s page. You’ll need to get your account cookies and run scripts, so it’s probably not something you’ll want to do if you’re a casual user.

Be sure to enable the “-trove” flag to download games that are part of your Humble Trove.

The developer notes that “the first time this runs, it may take a while as it will download everything. After that, it will only download updated or missing content.

As for what bothers users, Humble Bundle announced that Mac and Linux versions of ‘Humble Trove’ games will be discontinued this February. This change is designed to streamline its subscriptions, but it has also upset many users and made them want to leave the Humble Bundle ecosystem.


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