Ubuntu Linux 22.04 Beta “Jammy Jellyfish” Now Available For Download


Just a few days ago, Fedora 36 Beta was released, and now Ubuntu Linux 22.04 Beta is following suit. Called “Jammy Jellyfish”, this preview version of the Ubuntu operating system uses Linux kernel 5.15, Mesa 22 and the GNOME 42 desktop environment by default.

Don’t like GNOME? Hey, that’s cool. There are several versions of Ubuntu that use alternate desktop environments, such as Kubuntu (KDE Plasma), Lubuntu (LXQt), and Xubuntu (Xfce) to name a few.

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There are also many updated applications in Ubuntu 22.04, such as the essential Thunderbird email client which is now at version 91. The essential Libreoffice is upgraded to 7.3. The default web browser is a snap-in from Firefox 93.

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And yes, there are some superficial changes too – you get a new jellyfish wallpaper and the ability to change a system-wide accent color. There are two colors to choose from.

If you want to try Ubuntu 22.04 Beta, you can download an image using one of the links below. There are many official desktop environment flavors to choose from, such as KDE Plasma, Budgie, and the default GNOME.

Before installing Jammy Jellyfish Beta however, I strongly recommend that you read the official release notes found here. And remember, folks, this is pre-release software meant for testing – bugs are very likely (including loss of data). The final release of Ubuntu 22.04 is due later in April, so if you value stability and reliability, it would be wise to wait for that.

image credit: kongvector/depotphotos.com


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