The 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS is here, download it now

Raspberry pie

It’s been a while since Raspberry Pi switched to 64-bit processors, but the Raspberry Pi operating system has remained a 32-bit version. While the 64-bit operating system has been in beta for quite some time, it is finally available for everyone to download.

“Over the past year, we’ve been beta testing a glorious 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS. Now it’s time to open it up to a wider audience,” said Gordon Hollingworth of Raspberry Pi.

As to why it took Raspberry Pi so long to release the 64-bit version for the general public, the company said it wanted to focus on compatibility between devices, so it stuck with the 32-bit version. . “We have continued to build our versions of Raspberry Pi OS on the 32-bit Raspbian platform, with the goal of maximizing cross-device compatibility and avoiding customer confusion,” Raspberry Pi reads. blog post.

You will need a 2W Pi 3, Pi 4 or Pi Zero to take advantage of the 64-bit operating system, as these are the ones with the right processors.

If you want to install the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS on your device, you can head to the download page and hang in there right away. The installation process is the same as for any other Pi OS, so it will be quite easy to get it up and running.

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