Surface Duo 2 gets multi-PC support patch for your phone (beta)


Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 appears to be getting a few more fixes and features. First, we saw inking in Outlook (along with the beta of the Photos app), with the new “tagging” pen ability, and now your phone appears to be fixed.

To refresh, for some unknown reason, Surface Duo 2 cannot connect to multiple PCs when using Microsoft’s Your Phone app. This makes the feature less useful as you can’t switch between your desktop and laptop while syncing notifications, photos, or taking calls.

Usually, once you save an Android phone (including the original Surface Duo) to your phone, it will automatically appear on the PC you’re signed in to, automatically. However, users had to manually reset your phone on one PC to enroll it on another with Surface Duo 2.

Repairing your phone for Surface Duo 2Users can now add multiple PCs to your phone (beta) with Surface Duo 2.Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Now, with version 1.21111.176.0-beta_3060351, which is being released through the Google Play Store, users can choose “Add Computer”. The process is still a bit awkward as you have to manually add each new PC you own (probably a serious issue for many) instead of just logging into Your Phone using your MSA Single Sign-On (Microsoft account). But, at least now, you can switch between PCs and keep your phone’s functionality.

Unfortunately, there is still no “apps” support, only “phone screen” support for streaming apps to your phone. The first, “Apps,” is what Samsung phones have access to where you can launch individual (and multiple) Android apps as windowed programs. In contrast, most other Android phones can only do “phone screen”, whereby the entire Android phone is mirrored to your PC, which is often a slower and less elegant solution.

It is not known if Microsoft is bringing any apps to Surace Duo and Surface Duo 2.

We have a few early reports that a bigger update for Surace Duo 2 is due out in December, barring any last minute bugs. The ability to choose the default view (for single screen mode) is an added option, and it brings in app launch animations, which are oddly omitted.

Another unreported and long overdue feature is to launch OneNote directly by clicking the button on the Surface Slim Pen. Presumably there are other changes, optimizations and bug fixes as well.

Finally, Android 11 should also be released soon for the original owners of Surface Duo. Our sources familiar with the matter noted that this is a self-hosting test, one of the last steps before release.


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