Stogram Review – Upload Photos, Videos & Stories to Instagram


Instagram is the best platform for your photo album. Being a die-hard Instagram fan, one thing you love is keeping all of your captured photos and best memories in one app. But uploading photos to your computer, there is no easy way, once you upload them to Instagram.

To overcome this discomfort, 4k Stogram has provided you with the best features to download your photos to your computer. 4K Stogram is an Instagram viewer and downloader for PC, macOS, and Linux. 4K Stogram allows you to download photos, videos and stories of any Instagram user to your PC, allows you to save your Instagram profile and import your Instagram subscriptions list with just one click.

This program is open-source and completely free. Thanks to its simplicity and durability, you can now capture photos from your accounts, follow your favorite celebrities and save their photos in JPEG format to your desktop.


With Stogram 4K you can:

  • Upload photos, videos and stories to an Instagram post with comments and hashtag metadata.
  • Back up your account in seconds.
  • Subscribe to your favorite people, your hashtags and automatically get exclusive photos.

Other highlights

Find a 4K stogram

All you need to do is enter a username, hashtag or Instagram location and hit the “Subscribe” button. You can subscribe to photos from any account, follow their list, view your favorite photos, videos and stories.

Download posts by username, hashtag, or location

Subscribe to your favorite accounts, hashtags or locations and automatically upload the latest exclusive photos.

Upload photos of private friends

Log in with your Instagram credentials and get photos from private friend accounts.

Browse your friends’ Instagram feed

Subscribe to the following list of accounts of any user and watch the latest photos uploaded by them in real time.

Download Video Articles

Using this simple software, you can download video posts in MP4 format from Instagram accounts, hashtags and places.

Back up your account in seconds

With just one click, you can download all the photos from your Instagram account.

Track your subscriptions

By pressing the “Subscribe” button on the accounts you follow, all the accounts you follow will be added to 4K Stogram and downloaded.

Export and import subscriptions

One of its best features is protecting your subscription database. You can export and import it after reinstallation, so that no data is lost.

Comments and hashtag metadata

All uploaded images contain comment and hashtag information in their metadata.

How it works

1. Simply enter a username, hashtag, or location in the search bar.

2. Select from and to date to download all content, just photos, videos, or just stories.

3. Click on the subscribe button. This will automatically grab all new and existing photos from the user, hashtag, or location and upload them to a specific folder.

4. Right click to view the folder to view all uploaded photos.

5. The photos / video files will look like this in your folder.

Why use the 4K stogram?

4K Stogram not only backs up your Instagram, but if you use it right, make your content schedule better.

Subscribe to influencers on your Instagram

One advantage of the 4K Stogram subscription is the ability to provide a full survey of your influencer content and allowing you to repost your favorite photos as long as you have permission.

Scrolling through all of an Instagram user’s photos would be quite difficult, especially when the accounts have been active for a few years. 4K Stogram makes it very easy for you to view all the photos in a folder just by sorting the date.

4K Stogram makes it easy to scroll through user photos and repost them to your own Instagram account. It would be strongly suggested to contact these influencers before using their content with a simple “Hey, I really like your photos, do you mind if we repost?”.

Subscribe to the hashtags you currently use

Everyone on Instagram uses a lot of hashtags in their post. It’s a process for users to find content and follow it. A big obstacle to this is that you have to make sure that the content you post is related to the hashtag you are using. You don’t want to post sports photos with #mode because users don’t search for sports when using the hashtag.

Your Instagram feed is deeply cluttered. With posts, subscriptions, tags, and recommended posts, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of how these images appear on your feed. It’s a total mess. By subscribing to specific hashtags, you can really understand what type of content users are posting and whether you should continue to use those hashtags when posting your content on Instagram.


4K Stogram is free… most of the time. There is no hindrance to its use except ads, but if you want to upgrade to receive unlimited photo download, unlimited private account access and multiple accounts, one license for one maximum of three computers.

If you also want this to be used as a personal Instagram backup, the free version is much better for you. The free version is limited to just two subscriptions and non-intrusive ads that you can easily close. 4K Stogram is really free because it does not watermark images and allows unlimited photo downloads.

The premium version will allow you to subscribe to unlimited accounts and remove all ads. Premium is the best option if you plan to use it for more advanced uses such as influencer and hashtag tracking. Their premium plan starts at $ 15 once.

Advantages The inconvenients
Limited but useful features in the free version Due to changes to the Instagram app, you cannot update your friends’ accounts every few minutes.
It is also ad-free and malware-free
It is easy to use and fast interface
Easy hashtags and location search option


4K Stogram is a great app for powerful Instagram users. It provides an extremely simple and effortless way to access thousands of Instagram photos offline. You can download your entire Instagram profile to create a backup of all your photos and videos on your local hard drive. You can download it for free for PC, Mac, or Linux from the 4kDownload website.


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