Simple mobile tool developers are looking to launch an open source simple phone


Simple Mobile Tools will soon launch its own phone. This is based on recent reports centering on an apparent announcement by a Simple Mobile Tools developer under the handle “Tibbbi” via Reddit.

As of this writing, there are no specs to speak of and no clear branding has been identified either. The design language of the gadget was also not discussed. What is certain is that the focus of the company will not be to provide just another smartphone.

Instead, Simple Mobile Tools will put most of its efforts in the same category as its other apps. It’s as developers and providers of simple open-source alternative apps ranging from calendars, calculators and dialers to photo galleries and note-taking apps. This means the focal point will focus on privacy, security, and an open source platform.

What do we really know about a possible Simple Mobile Tools Android phone?

Apps are the top priority for the device, according to Tibbbi. Namely, apps set to come pre-installed must be open source to accommodate the privacy-first approach. Simple Mobile Tools already offers a full suite of bill-friendly apps, in addition to those listed above. Developers already offer music player, file manager, flashlight, contacts app, voice recorder, etc.

For Google Play Services, Tibbbi says Simple Mobile Tools is looking to the MicroG project as a replacement. The Linux-based open-source component suite serves as an alternative to Google’s proprietary libraries. Including tools that provide open source access to the Google Play Store. That’s rather than aiming to use a third-party app marketplace.

However, Simple Mobile Tools has no alternative at all. At least not for the moment. He is currently working on a camera app to fill in some of the gaps. But Tibbbi’s reason for posting about the device seems to be to find other apps that aren’t in development yet.

The Redditor specifically asks for comments related to the effort. Specifically, to fulfill the need for an email client and browser app for the upcoming Android handset. But he’s not, according to Tibbbi, interested in apps that could be considered bloatware.


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