SD Times News Summary: Adobe Developer App Builder Now Available; ReactOS version 0.4.14; Progress announces Fiddler Everywhere 3.0


The Adobe team recently announced the availability of Adobe Developer App Builder, the unified third-party extensibility framework for integrating and creating custom experiences for Adobe applications. It is available to all Adobe Experience Manager customers and will soon be available for Adobe Commerce.

Adobe Developer App Builder provides users with a more unified experience of extending and customizing Adobe tools for developers. In addition, it reduces the time required to create applications to 15-30 minutes according to previous Adobe hackathons.

To get started with App Builder, sign up for the free trial program, open to all business customers. For more information on this version, visit here.

ReactOS version 0.4.14

The ReactOS team recently announced the release of version 0.4.14, which brings improvements to users such as FreeLoader fixes, Shell features, kernel fixes, NetKVM VirtIO update, and support for NEC PC-9800.

A highlight of this release is the enhancements to the Shell component. With this, users gain access to the “Send To” implementation, a feature of Shell that can be used to send files or directories to a specific location.

According to the ReactOS team, this is a maintenance release, which means version 0.4.14 does not contain the latest developments announced in the ReactOS 2021 blog and on social media. For all the details of this version, visit here.

Progress announces Fiddler Everywhere 3.0

Progress, a provider of products for developing, deploying and managing high impact applications, recently unveiled the latest version of its web debugging tool, Progress Fiddler Everywhere. With this, users support HTTP / 2, a revision of the HTTP network protocol.

Fiddler Everywhere 3.0 makes it easy for users to debug high-performance applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux more securely, in less time and with fewer resources than ever before.

Fiddler Everywhere 3.0 also provides users with:

  • Support for WebSocket communication: Developers have access to information transferred to the server through a single continuous connection.
  • Enhanced Advanced Traffic Filters: Developers can easily apply complex filtering to their session list and choose from Protocol, State, IP, URL, Cookie, Body, and other values ​​in addition to request and response headers.
  • Faster integration for newbies and experienced users: During the initial launch, developers are given instructions on how to configure their environment to capture HTTPS traffic.
Apache weekly review

In the past week, 346 Apache committers changed 1,957,663 lines of code out of 3,699 commits. The top five contributors are Sebastian Bazley, Claus Ibsen, Owen Nichols, Gary Gregory and Daniel Gruno.

Also, throughout the week Apache Druid 0.22.1, Apache Calcite Avatica 1.20.0, Apache NiFi 1.15.1, Apache Flink 1.14.2, 1.13.5, 1.12.7 and 1.11.6, Apache Archiva 2.2.6 , Apache Jackrabbit 2.21.9, Apache Tika 2.2.0, Apache PDFBox 2.0.25, Apache Geode 1.12.6, 1.13.5 and 1.14.1, Apache OFBiz 18.12.03, Apache Fortress 2.0.7, Apache Camel 3.14.0 , Apache Log4j 2.12 and 2.16.0, Apache Solr 8.11.1, Apache HttpComponents HttpAsyncClient 4.1.5, Apache JMeter 5.4.2 and Apache Struts 2.5.28 have all been released.


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