Scratchpad gets Series B boost for popular Workspace app


Artists and musicians need studios. Chefs must have kitchens. Mechanics need garages. It therefore follows that staff members of commercial and income-producing enterprises should have their own independent workspaces in order to use their menagerie of tools as efficiently as possible.

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Scratchpad, explicitly created for Salesforce’s 150,000 users, took notice, as did its venture capital backers. The 2-year-old San Mateo, Calif.-based startup that launched a new digital workroom specifically for Salesforce users designed to simplify workflows for revenue teams, today revealed it has landed a $33 million round in Series B capital, bringing its total funding to $49 million. Existing investor David Sacks’ Craft Ventures led the preemptive round with continued participation from Accel.

The funding deal took just three text messages in less than 30 minutes to happen, said CEO and co-founder Pouyan Salehi. ZDNet. Oh, and no pitch deck was needed.

“The funny thing is that we didn’t ask for it,” Salehi said. “We have no debt, and we weren’t looking to raise any funds. But the offer was made during a conversation we were having, and we decided we were ready to sell part of the business. in order to get bigger. So we did the trick.”

All sales information is routed to the platform

Scratchpad’s value proposition is quite simple: every iota of communication with a salesperson – whether in Slack, Chatter, Teams, SMS, email, or similar channel – simply appears in the full Scratchpad Revenue Team workspace. , the first place a sales professional will look each morning. The platform provides a landing pad for all incoming messages so that the user can act on it as per their requirement while forwarding to Salesforce, calendar, emails, notes, documents and sheets.

In sales organizations, instant feedback across all channels for the revenue team is important for success, especially as more sales organizations work remotely, Salehi said.

“Collaboration tools like Slack and Salesforce Chatter were never designed and built with sales teams and their workflows in mind,” Salehi said. “They were adopted by sales teams because the rest of the company used them. They were integrated into existing sales workflows without considering the user experience of salespeople, which creates huge disruptions in speed, focus and access to data, while adding unnecessary drag to the sales team.”

Useful tool for neurodivergent workers

Salesforce, for years the most popular CRM software in the world, is an indispensable tool for most salespeople, but it can be clunky and difficult for some people to use, especially if the user is neurodivergent. Neurodiverse people live, interact, and interpret the world in unique ways that traditional thinkers don’t. Some neurodivergent people struggle with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties.

Because Scratchpad is customizable for individual users, it also allows neurodivergent workers – estimated to be between 10-30% of the overall US workforce – to operate in an environment that is more comfortable and suited to themselves. It enables shortcuts, personal reminder notes, and other useful tools that some people need to more easily navigate the rigid protocols of Salesforce.

It can be difficult and time-consuming for sales team members to memorize all the protocols, rules, passwords, and everything that goes with the day-to-day use of sales and collaboration apps like Salesforce. Add the constant pressures of meeting sales targets and other performance metrics, and the job can be daunting for many people.

High turnover rates in sales jobs are often attributed to problems using rigid tools. Estimates of annual turnover among US salespeople are 27%, twice the rate for the overall labor force. In many industries, the average seniority is less than two years.

Replaces spreadsheets, task managers, note apps

Most reps still use spreadsheets, docs, notes apps, and general-purpose task managers to get their jobs done, only to suffer from hours of manual data entry to update their CRM for their responsible. Revenue teams literally pay their reps to do administrative work instead of revenue-generating work. Additionally, data quality in most CRMs remains poor, and adhering to the sales process is mostly a dream, Salehi said.

Scratchpad claims to be the only software platform that consolidates the tools used by sales teams into a single, unified workspace for the revenue team, Salehi said. “The product sells primarily through word of mouth and the Salesforce App Store.”

Currently, Scratchpad is only affiliated with Salesforce, but that may open up in the future, Salehi said, to allow other external tools to be integrated into the platform.

“When you’re on the board and you see a company continuing to beat its forecast, you have to be a little dense not to ask if you can invest more,” said Sacks, co-founder and general partner. from Craft Ventures, about the funding. transaction.

Scratchpad said it has “tens of thousands of users” (vendors) and “thousands of businesses” using its platform, including Algolia, Allstate, Quora, Twilio, Udemy, Upwork, Vanta, and Vidyard.


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