Samsung Chromebook Pro Prepares Support for Linux Applications


Samsung’s Chromebook Pro helped usher in a new era of Chromebooks, but over time it missed a few things. The biggest complaint from many has been the lack of Linux application support on the Samsung Chromebook Pro but now it looks like it’s finally happening.

First spotted by an eagle-eyed Reddit user and underlined by Chrome unpacked, it looks like Linux app support is just around the corner for the Samsung Chromebook Pro. This feature has been deployed for many, numerous other Chromebooks over the past couple of years, but for some reason the Pro never made it to this list.

Either way, it seems times are changing. This Reddit user was able to update his Chromebook Pro to Chrome OS v82 through the development channel – a version that is being ignored in other channels due to the impact of COVID-19. On the two Chrome OS v81 and v83 on the Pro, the necessary # enable-experimental-kernel-vm-support the flag no longer appears. Fortunately, screenshots of Linux running on the Samsung Chromebook Pro have been captured.

As you can see below, Linux is running through Crostini on the Chromebook Pro and apparently the device was able to use the updated Linux 4.19 kernel as well.

Here’s the thing, though. Since Linux / Crostini support disappeared in developer version v83, we don’t know when this will happen to Samsung Chromebook Pro owners. Obviously, however, there is support on the way and this late feature will likely arrive sooner rather than later.

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