Purism announces PureOS App Store for its upcoming Linux Librem 5 phone, laptops


Purism surprised everyone today by announce that it runs on an app store for its Linux-based operating system, PureOS, so it can deliver apps to its laptops and the upcoming Librem 5 Linux phone.

Designed as a hub for delivering applications to mobile and desktop ecosystems in a secure manner, Purism’s upcoming PureOS store promises to respect the privacy and freedom of users while making it easier for them to download well-tested software to their devices. Librem laptops, as well as the privacy-focused Librem 5 mobile phone that the company plans to launch worldwide in April 2019.

“We envision PureOS Store as the primary community interface for application developers to contribute to the larger ecosystem, without having to understand the underlying technology like packaging or the upstream application push mechanism. We want to inspire developers to create software that meets community values ​​with the ultimate goal of being integrated into PureOS itself, ”Purism said.

App developers are invited to contribute to the PureOS Store

Since we’re talking about freedom, privacy, security, and open source software here, it stands to reason that Purism wants all app developers to contribute to its next PureOS Store in the near future, which will attempt to ease consumer confidence. users by showing them details about every software released on the App Store, including ethical design, privacy, security and freedom.

According to Purism, PureOS Store will rate apps on an increasing scale, from early development release to stable releases and default apps available in the PureOS operating system which comes preloaded with all Librem laptops. PureOS will also be the default operating system for the upcoming Linux Librem 5 phone, which we hope will be a huge success as it will be the first truly secure, free and open phone.

Purism is very serious about security and the PureOS store will reflect that, so users won’t have to worry about which apps to install securely on their devices. Of course, that’s not the case in the Linux ecosystem, but prevention is better than cure. With that in mind, Purism hopes to deliver apps that are not only secure, but also apps that “work”, whether installed on a desktop or mobile, trying to keep Canonical’s dream of convergence alive.


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