Privacy Focused Purism Librem 5 Linux Phone Has Started Shipping


There has been a lot of buzz surrounding smartphone screens and cameras over the past few months, but, despite all the advancements in mobile technology, there is one issue that the market has yet to fully address. Perhaps with the exception of Apple, user privacy is often just an afterthought among major manufacturers and platform developers in the consumer tech market. That’s why it’s up to smaller players like Purism, whose Librem 5 Linux phone has started shipping to backers, to make privacy the number one item on its list of features.

While some (including the author) consider the Linux-based operating system to be the main feature of the Purism Librem 5, it really goes hand in hand with the focus on security and privacy of the smartphone and the computer. company itself. After all, if you want to make it the mainstay of the phone, you’ll have to give up most of the major mobile platforms, including Android, which is mostly open-source, and put the control in the hands of the users themselves.

The Librem 5 got off to a rocky start after being successfully funded on Purism’s own crowdfunding platform. Its fate was closely linked not only to the availability of NXP’s i.MX 8 chip, but also to the outcome of Qualcomm’s offer to buy NXP. If that happened, there was a chance that the i.MX 8 would no longer be the open source chipset that Purism hoped it would be.

After almost a year of delay, the first batch of Librem 5 phones is finally sent to the first contributors. As previously stated, Purism takes a rather unconventional strategy of deploying phones in batches, with each batch getting more refined assembly or software. Purism specifies, however, that all lots have the complete packaging and that the production differences are mainly aesthetic or internal. All, for example, have physical switches to turn off radios.

With the upcoming arrival of Librem 5 in the hands of Linux enthusiasts, the real test of Purism’s promise will begin. In addition, its performance, user-friendliness of the software are really suitable for everyday use. Fortunately, the phone is open enough for use with other Linux distributions and software.


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