Mozilla Firefox 97 is now available for download, here’s what’s new


Mozilla today released Firefox 97 as the latest stable version of its open-source, free, and cross-platform web browser for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Firefox 97 is an incremental update to previous versions and adds a new set of Colorway themes to further customize the look of the web browser. There are six Colorway themes available (for a limited time) that you can try in the Themes section of the about:addons or via the right-click context menu option on Customize Toolbar > Manage Themes.

For Linux users, this release removes support for PostScript printing. For Windows users, it adds support and displays the new scrollbar style on Windows 11 systems. For macOS users, it improves system font rasterization on macOS 11 and later to no longer slow down loading pages, opening tabs and switching tabs.

For web developers, Firefox 97 adds support for cap and ic CSS units to use with and data types, support for @scroll-timeline to the rule, support for animation-timeline and scrollbar-gutter properties, support for default CSS cascading layers, as well as support for using SVG d attribute as a property in CSS.

New experimental features in Firefox 97 include support for using hyphenate-character property through the layout.css.hyphenate-character.enabled preference to set a string that is used instead of a hyphen (-) at the end of a hyphenation line break, as well as to specify that the character is selected to be appropriate to the linguistic conventions of the content concerned, and a dom.screenorientation.allow-lock preference to allow a device to be locked to a particular screen orientation.

Firefox 97 is available for download now from the official site if you use the binary provided by Mozilla, or you can update your installations as soon as the new version arrives in the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

Firefox Focus for Android 97 was also released today and it comes with HTTPS-only mode enabled by default to force all website connections to use HTTPS (Secure HTTP), as well as a new option to name new shortcuts that you add to your homepage.

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