Microsoft Teams may soon have an official Linux app


Currently, the official Microsoft Teams apps, built and developed by Microsoft, are available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows 10. Linux users, however, have had to either rely on the web interface or a third-party app. ‘a private network. developer. Well, that might change soon, as an official Teams app might make its way to Linux soon (through Windows Central.)

It’s unclear exactly when Microsoft specifically plans to bring Teams to Linux, but recent comments from a 2016 article on the UserVoice Team Website suggests a future arrival. “We know a lot of our customers use Linux and we want Teams to be available to everyone. Stay tuned for more information soon,” explained a Microsoft engineer. The post has since been marked as “in the backlog,” meaning it is currently not scheduled, but Microsoft is still actively considering adding it.

This post was originally discovered by a Twitter user, which points out that a Linux APT report has also been created for Teams on Linux, although nothing is inside yet. This is important, as an APT is typically what end users log into to download and install the app once it is available. Time will tell when Teams makes its official debut on Linux. In the meantime, we have a guide on how you can get up and running with the unofficial Teams beta app on Ubuntu.

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