Microsoft Edge Beta build 98 now available for download (Changelog)


Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge Beta Build 98.0.1108.23 as part of its regular 4-week update cycle.

The Beta channel is considered the most stable preview channel, releasing only well-tested features in the Canary and Dev version of the browser. The last major release was December 1, with other minor bugfixes since.

Microsoft Edge Beta Build 98.0.1108.23 brings the following new features and improvements:

Feature updates

  • Improve your web security. A browsing mode in Microsoft Edge where your browser’s security comes first, giving you an extra layer of protection when browsing the web. Administrators can apply the following group policies to end user workstations (Windows, macOS, and Linux) to help protect against zero days. These policies also allow important sites and line-of-business applications to continue to operate as expected. This feature is a huge step forward as it allows us to mitigate unplanned active zero days (based on historical trends). When enabled, this feature brings hardware-enforced stack protection, Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG), and Content Flow Guard (CFG) as support for security mitigations to increase user security on the website. Group Policies:
  • Custom master password. The browser already has the capability where users can add an authentication step before saved passwords are auto-filled into web forms. This adds another layer of privacy and helps prevent unauthorized users from using saved passwords to log into websites. Custom Master Password is an evolution of this same feature, where users will now be able to use a custom string of their choice as their master password. Once enabled, users will enter this password to authenticate and autofill their saved passwords in web forms.
  • Layered scrollbars added to Microsoft Edge. We’ve updated our scrollbars with an overlay-based design. Users can enable this feature in bord://flags.

Terms Update

New Policies

Edge Beta can be downloaded from Microsoft here.


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