Linux Kernel 5.18 Rc3 now available for download


On Sunday afternoon, Linux Torvalds announced the release of Linux kernel 5.18 rc3. With the availability of the third release candidate, we are moving closer to a stable release expected towards the end of May.

In the ad it said everything looks normal, however, the diffstat may look a bit odd due to a few email updates which resulted in many single line updates in the devicetree files. He also said that the update incorporates fixes for the sound card which caused many lines to be displayed for several audio drivers.

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you all know what that means. It’s time for another release candidate.

(Yes, yes, it’s Easter Sunday too, but priorities, people!)

Things continue to look pretty regular, although the diffstat might look a bit odd due to some email updates which ended up causing lots of single line updates in the devicetree files.

There is also a series of sound card detection error handling fixes (“Fix missing snd_card_free() call to probe error”) which ends up showing a lot of rows on a number of sound drivers .

But everything seems quite small and simple enough. Famous last words.

Please do a test.

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