Linux based operating system Fedora 35 available for download with GNOME 41


Today is the day many of us have been waiting for – Fedora 35 is officially here! Yes, friends, you can download the operating system immediately. For many Linux users, Fedora is considered the best distribution based on the open source kernel. Why? Because Fedora focuses on truly free and open source software – a pure Linux experience. It is also quite avant-garde, while remaining stable enough for everyday use.

What makes Fedora 35 so exciting? This version of the operating system uses the all new GNOME 41 as the default desktop environment. GNOME 41 is notable for having significant performance improvements when using Wayland. Speaking of Wayland, Fedora 35 Beta will run faster when used with an NVIDIA GPU. Additionally, version 35 Beta gets NVIDIA with XWayland, for an improved experience when using apps that are not designed for Wayland.

“The new features and enhancements in Fedora 35 are aimed at improving the overall experience for all levels of users – from beginner to advanced. This release continues the Fedora Project’s focus on providing open source technologies to cutting edge and includes updates covering the Linux kernel for the desktop experience, ”says The Fedora Project.

Matthew Miller, Project Manager and Red Hat Employee, explains: “With Fedora 35, the Fedora Project continues our vision of a world where everyone benefits from free and open source software built by inclusive, welcoming and open-minded communities. . the latest Linux innovation to our users. This latest release focuses on feature refinement and support for improved performance and an even better user experience, helping to bridge the gap between new and expert users.

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Ready to install Fedora 35 with GNOME 41? You can get the ISO here. If you prefer a Fedora “spin” that uses a different desktop environment (such as KDE Plasma or Cinnamon), you can download them here. The ARM variant, for devices like Raspberry Pi, is here. Before installing the operating system, be sure to read the full list of changes here.

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