Launch of VMware Tanzu Application Transformer


VMware has announced the general availability of an Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu. Application Transformer for Tanzu is a tool that facilitates the discovery, analysis, and containerization of legacy applications, helping customers simplify and accelerate their application modernization journey by targeting their retraining strategy on the well-known modernization framework “5’R”. .

Why did we introduce VMware Tanzu Application Transformer?

The industry landscape is changing rapidly. Organizations must constantly evolve to stay competitive and meet changing customer needs. They need to develop and deliver services faster than ever. Modern applications such as cloud-native applications built on microservices architecture and containerized applications offer an unmatched advantage over legacy applications in terms of efficiency, portability, and consistency of operations. Many companies need to modernize their applications to take advantage of digital technologies and create a flexible foundation for future innovation.

However, creating an inventory of legacy applications, gathering implementation details, and modernizing them are not trivial tasks due to the inherent complexity of customer application environments. Every organization’s modernization effort can be complicated, time-consuming, and costly, depending on the size and nature of its application portfolio. At the same time, knowledge workers can move on and expertise can get lost. Without clear visibility into existing systems, companies cannot continue their modernization efforts.

Additionally, enterprise managed data centers are dynamic entities with virtual machines (or equivalent) being created and destroyed every day. As organizations evolve their architecture and adopt new technologies, such as multi-cloud, their infrastructure environments become more complex, further exacerbating modernization challenges.

Finally, application modernization approaches can have a significant impact on the bottom line. For example, some organizations use an arbitrary “top-down” approach by manually determining which applications they want to modernize rather than evidence-based practices. By limiting application modernization to a few critical applications, enterprises lose the benefits of large-scale modernization.

Organizations need tools to help them in their modernization efforts. Transformer for Tanzu app is designed to help you on this journey.

What are the main features of Application Transformer for Tanzu?

At GA, Application Transformer for Tanzu offers a rich feature set for discovery, analysis, and containerization of legacy applications.


Customers’ application portfolio can be complex, with many applications running in a VMware vSphere-based environment. Lack of visibility into application environments can hamper the application modernization effort.

With access to VMware vCenter Server, Application Transformer for Tanzu scans virtual machines, gathering information such as folder structure, resource pool, application names, and processes from the target environment. Next, Application Transformer for Tanzu creates an application topology, giving customers complete visibility into their application environment.

Application Transformer for Tanzu supports discovery of a wide range of application types, on Linux and Windows operating systems, through more than 200 application signatures and virtual machine introspection. Application Transformer for Tanzu also supports client signature, so businesses with in-house applications can create custom signatures. Once the signature is set for a custom application, Application Transformer for Tanzu can discover that application just as it discovers other applications. The level of information collected may vary depending on the application. For example, with WebLogic and Tomcat-based applications, Application Transformer for Tanzu can collect a large amount of information from server types, application names, processes, software versions, location of directories and file folders.

To analyse

As an agentless tool, Application Transformer for Tanzu uses the vCenter Server API to inspect the entire data center based on vSphere or VMware Cloud. Since no agent is needed to run on the VMs, there is no need to have routable access to the VMs. Additionally, through integration with VMware vRealize Network Insight, Application Transformer for Tanzu can leverage vRealize Network Insight streams to automatically create an application topology with an end-to-end view, which is essential for visualizing dependencies. apps.

Application Transformer for Tanzu brings together a wide range of application components. For Tomcat and WebLogic, Application Transformer for Tanzu further introspects virtual machines for configuration information and deployed artifacts. All of the information gathered forms the basis for helping customers analyze their application environment and decide which application component to prioritize and modernize.


Application Transformer for Tanzu creates artifacts such as Docker files, OCI-compliant container images, Kubernetes manifest YAML files for container deployment, and scripts to generate secrets for use in the VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid environment .

To help containerize any running process, Application Transformer for Tanzu prompts users to follow a few simple steps. Environment variables are populated automatically, but users can customize and override them. The necessary files, which make up the process, can be chosen in the file explorer, which is presented to the user.

For applications such as Oracle WebLogic and Apache Tomcat, Application Transformer for Tanzu creates OCI-compliant container images based on detailed information gathered during the analysis phase, including server types, names applications, processes, software version, directory locations, and startup commands. Application Transformer for Tanzu can automate most of the containerization steps for these application components, simplifying modernization efforts.

What customer values ​​does Application Transformer for Tanzu provide?

Application Transformer for Tanzu brings many benefits to customers, from inventory and analysis to reformulation, integration and automation.

Holistic view. Application Transformer for Tanzu creates visual topologies via CLI/API using information such as application component metadata and dependencies. Creating a comprehensive view of customers’ application environment helps customers identify and prioritize the right legacy applications to modernize.

Efficiency through automation. Application Transformer for Tanzu eliminates tedious manual processes such as introspection, component inventory, and VM mapping. Early initial success can prioritize longer-term modernization efforts.

Flexibility. Application Transformer for Tanzu allows customers to choose the best actions from the 5’R framework. Plus, the product lets you modernize at the speed you choose, based on your business goals and priorities.

Increased agility and speed to market. Application Transformer for Tanzu shortens the time and reduces the effort required in the application modernization journey. This reduces time to market for new software and service offerings and improves developer productivity.

Modernizing legacy applications can be complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Application Transformer for Tanzu makes it easy to modernize your application with speed and efficiency. Start by identifying and containerizing the right workloads, then deploy them quickly on the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid platform to take advantage of what the cloud and containers can offer.

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