How to View and Delete Google Chrome 2022 Download History


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Check How to View and Delete Google Chrome Download History

It’s simple to check a list of your previously downloaded files and, if necessary, clean up your download history in Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS. That’s how you do it. To get started, launch Google Chrome. Click the main menu button (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of any window. Click “Downloads” in the menu that appears. Select “Downloads” from the Chrome menu.

When you navigate to the “Downloads” tab, you will find a list of files that represent your download history. If you have active downloads, they will also appear here. What you see next to each file’s entry will change depending on its status. You will see “Deleted” next to the file name if it has been deleted since you downloaded it. If your download is interrupted, you can usually resume it by pressing the “Resume” button.

Every modern web browser has its own way of handling downloaded files and tracking them, and Chrome is no exception. There’s a downloads menu that’s separate from everything else in the browser, and this window shows the name of the files you’ve downloaded, where they were downloaded from, the date they were downloaded, and a link to view the downloaded file. . That’s a lot of information that someone looking at your Downloads folder could figure out. Fortunately, the process of deleting this information is simple.

  • Start by opening the Chrome browser.
  • Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the window, then click Downloads. You can also open this menu by opening a new tab and then pressing Ctrl+J on your keyboard.
  • Click the Clear All link in the upper right corner of the window to clear all files from your download history. Note that there will be no popup or message to confirm that you want to do this, so once you click the link your download history will be gone.
  • If you only want to remove specific files from your download history, you can click the Remove from list link below the files you want to remove from this history.

Final Words: How to View and Delete Google Chrome Download History

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