How to Unlock Your Chromebook Without a Password Using Your Android Phone


The typical way to unlock your Chromebook is to enter your password or PIN. This is also the standard method on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. However, Chromebooks add another level of convenience to your Chromebook’s security if it’s integrated with your Android smartphone. You can unlock your Chromebook with your Android smartphone! How cool is that?

Before showing you how, let me tell you why I would choose this option. To sign in to your Chromebook, you need to enter the same password you use to sign in to your Google account. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like doing this every time my Chromebook watches. One of the reasons is that my master Google password is very complicated and difficult to remember (as it should be). So I resorted to the 6-digit PIN alternative instead. This is how I unlock my Chromebook by default.

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However, since I linked my Android phone to my Chromebook, I don’t even have to enter the 6-digit PIN anymore. As long as my phone is nearby and unlocked, I just need to click on my profile picture/avatar on my Chromebook to unlock it. This function is called Smart Unlock.

If you want to know how you can connect your Chromebook to your Android smartphone, you can watch our YouTube tutorial below or read this article.

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How to enable smart lock

With your Android smartphone linked to your Chromebook, go to Settings > Connected devices. Then click on your Android phone under connected devices. Below smart lock make sure you activate it with the on/off switch on the right. Click on Smart Lock then tick “Unlock device and sign in to Google account”.

Settings > Connected devices > Android phone
Enable smart lock
Enable device unlock and sign in Google account

Now try locking your Chromebook from the system tray or use the Search shortcut (All button) + l to access the lock screen. You will see a small alert on the lock screen indicating that your “The phone is locked. Unlock it to enter”.

Unlock your phone, then tap your profile picture to access your Chromebook

Go ahead and unlock your phone using a pattern, PIN, password, or face unlock, depending on which method you use to unlock your phone. The Chromebook will not unlock automatically. You’ll need to tap your profile picture or avatar to access your Chromebook without entering a password or PIN.

Hope this is a convenient way to unlock your Chromebook. If not, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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