How To Insert Desktop Application Shortcuts On Ubuntu 2022


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Check how to insert application shortcuts to desktop on Ubuntu

Files with the .desktop extension are desktop entries for applications. If you place .desktop files in /usr/share/applications (for the whole system) or .local/share/applications (for current users only), Linux will recognize them and display the icons of applications to launch from the start menu. A .desktop file defines the name and icon that will appear in the Start menu, the executable command used to run the application, and the type of files it can be opened with. Most applications have their own .desktop file in the system directory or the user’s local folder. And the user can manually create it for an application that doesn’t have one.

A typical desktop operating system always has icons on the “desktop screen”. These desktop icons can include File Manager, Recycle Bin, and Application Shortcut. When installing applications on Windows, some programs ask you if you want to create a desktop shortcut. However, this is not the case with Linux. But if you’re a fan of this feature, let me show you how to add desktop shortcuts to your favorite apps in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions.

Add desktop shortcut in Ubuntu

Personally, I prefer Ubuntu Launcher for application shortcuts. If I use a program frequently, I add it to the launcher. But I know not everyone has the same preferences and some people prefer desktop shortcuts.

Locate .desktop files of applications

  • Go to Files -> Other Location -> Computer.
  • From there, go to the usr directory -> sharing -> applications. You will see icons of various Ubuntu applications that you have installed here. Even if you don’t see the icons, you should see .desktop files named application.desktop.

Copy the .desktop file to the desktop

Now all you have to do here is find the app icon (or your desktop file). When you find it, drag and drop the file to the desktop or copy it (using the shortcut Ctrl+C) and paste it to the desktop (using the shortcut Ctrl+V).

Run desktop file

When you do, you should see a text file-like icon on your desktop instead of the app logo. Don’t worry, things will be different in a moment.

  • In newer versions of Ubuntu, you can right-click on the .desktop file and click “Properties”. Here, give execute permission to the file.
  • Now, if you right click on the file, you will find “Allow Launch” option. Select it and you will see that the file has become a shortcut to the application.
  • In older versions of Ubuntu like 18.04 things were pretty simple. What you have to do is double click on this file on the desktop. It will warn you that this is an “untrusted app launcher”, so click Trust and launch.

Final Words: How to Insert Application Shortcuts to Desktop on Ubuntu

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