How to download Wordle and play it offline


Did you know you can grab Wordle now before the NYT puts it behind a paywall? Do it fast, if you are an avid Wordler!

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Wordle is a game that came out of nowhere, dominated social media feeds, and was soon caught by a much bigger fish. That’s usually how it goes.

If you are a Wordle fanatic and can’t miss your daily dose, you can save the game for unlimited access and offline viewing. All you need is your browser of choice and a hard right click. Let’s discuss the process of registering Wordle on your Mac or Windows PC.

How to Save Wordle for Free Offline Play

When The New York Times acquired Wordle, it suggested the game would remain free for an indefinite period. The journal will no doubt make some changes, including the creation of a new wordlist, but not everyone likes the change. In many cases, the original is the best, and tampering with a good thing lessens its appeal.

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If you are happy with Wordle as it is and want to keep playing until the current word runs out, you can save the game for free offline play by following these steps:

  1. Go to the wordle website
  2. Right click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) anywhere on the page
  3. To select Save as (Chromium) save page as (Firefox), Save as (Edge), or save page as (Safari)
  4. Choose a location, select Webpage, complete as format — or Web Archive in Safari — and click To safeguard

Wordle page context menu with Save page as highlighted

If you want to make sure the page was saved correctly, you can turn off Wi-Fi, disconnect your Ethernet cable, or turn on airplane mode and open the file from the specified destination. A full offline version of the Wordle site is expected to launch, giving you unlimited access to the game. If The New York Times ultimately opts for a paywall, you’ll still be able to play the original version of Wordle.


As an added precaution, back up the saved page or store copies on other devices. You wouldn’t want a bad hard drive to take away the Wordle you know and love.

Avoid paying for Wordle

Wordle is popular, but that doesn’t mean everyone will pay for it. While more serious players may welcome the acquisition, the casuals among us will likely move on if a paywall arrives. Additionally, there are plenty of alternatives if Wordle ends up

Even so, seeing where The New York Times takes the game will be interesting.

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