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Check How to Download Movie Subtitles on Linux

Linux is an open source operating system (OS). An operating system is the software that directly manages a system’s hardware and resources, such as processor, memory, and storage. The operating system sits between applications and hardware and provides the connections between all your software and the physical resources that do the work. When the Korean film Parasite won Best Picture at the Oscars, it was a huge moment and paved the way for foreign-language films to gain more attention in English-speaking countries. Knowing how to download subtitles for movies and TV shows could soon become a life skill.

Luckily, it’s not difficult, and the following list of websites should provide you with subtitles for just about any movie you want to watch. Thanks if you are a Linux user. There are several tools that allow you to download movie subtitles without wasting time jumping from one website to another to get a subtitle. Just prepare your movie and make yourself comfortable. The following list will help you find the subtitle you need.

How to Download Movie Subtitles on Linux


This program uses to make subtitles available for your movies. SubDownloader uses the movie name you provide to search for subtitles and provides download options.

VLSub plugin and Subtitle Finder for VLC video player

If you are using VLC media player on Linux, please visit the plugin called VLSub and Subtitles Finder as it will help you to search and download subtitles for the movie you are playing.


  • Subliminal uses the command line to download subtitles from many available providers like Addic7ed, BierDopje, OpenSubtitles, SubsWiki, Subtitles, TheSubDB, . Subliminal helps you easily get suitable subtitles for your movie, the search is done automatically among the providers above.
  • Use the following command in Terminal to download Subliminal: ‘sudo apt-get install subliminal’.
  • Then use the following command to download the movie subtitles: “Subliminal -1 in movie_name.mp4”
  • Replace the word “in” in the command above with the language in which you want to display the subtitles. Here “en” means English. You also need to replace “movie_name” with the name of the movie for which you want to download the subtitle. Subliminal will begin searching and eventually receive subtitles for your movie.

Final Words: How to Download Movie Subtitles on Linux

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