How to download Microsoft Teams?


Microsoft Teams is a chat-based work and collaboration platform that allows users to communicate with colleagues via voice, video, messages, and file sharing. It’s perfect for small businesses and corporate teams of all sizes.

How to download Teams to your desktop

Teams can be downloaded and installed on a user’s desktop directly from if they have the necessary local rights. Administrator permissions are not required to install the Teams client on Windows PCs, but they are on Macs.

IT pros can determine how installation files are delivered to their organization’s devices. JAMF Pro (macOS) and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (Windows) are two examples of how administrators can perform bulk downloads and installations. Note that these options are only used for the first installation of Teams clients and not for subsequent updates.

The following operating systems support desktop clients: 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions (8.1 or later, excluding Windows 10 LTSC), Windows 10 on ARM with ARM64 Server (Windows 2012 R2 or later). later) and Linux macOS (in .deb and .rpm).

How to download Teams on your mobile device

The team’s mobile apps, available for Android and iOS, are designed for users who want to engage in chat conversations and make audio calls with colleagues while on the go. If you are looking for mobile apps, go to Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Notably, only the four most recent major Android versions are supported. When a new major version of Android is released, it is officially supported by Google in addition to the previous three versions. For iOS, only the two most recent major versions of Apple’s mobile operating system are supported.

Only the relevant mobile platform’s app store should be used to download and update mobile apps. Microsoft does not support MDM or sideloading for mobile application deployment. After being installed on a compatible mobile platform, the Teams mobile app will be supported as long as the version is less than three years old. If users don’t have access to their region’s Play Store or Apple Store, they can directly go to their smartphone company’s app market to download Microsoft Teams.

For example, Teams can be downloaded from the following app stores in China:

Using the Microsoft Teams web client

Teams browser client ( is a comprehensive web interface that works with multiple browsers like Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge (RS2 or later), Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based), Google Chrome (latest versions plus two previous versions), Safari 14+, Safari 13.1+, Firefox (latest versions plus two previous versions), Safari versions prior to 13.

Because the browser client uses webRTC to manage meetings and calls, there’s no need for a plugin or download to use Teams in a browser. However, third-party cookies must be enabled in your browser.

However, there are some limitations if you choose not to download Microsoft Teams. For example, both participants should use the Teams desktop client to provide and take control of shared hardware when screen sharing during meetings. Control is not possible when one or both parties are using Teams in a browser. When using Teams in a browser, users will not be able to blur their background as only the Teams desktop client supports this feature.

On the other hand, Teams can be run in the browser on PCs and Macs that meet the minimum Microsoft Teams hardware requirements, although the desktop client is not supported. For example, it is possible to use Teams with Firefox on a Linux operating system.

Upgrade to a paid version

The Teams app comes with a free version with limited storage and several other usage restrictions. For example, users can host meetings that last up to one hour, and only up to 100 participants can join a meeting. It is possible to enjoy up to 1TB of cloud storage per user and have 300 participants in a single meeting with paid versions. Paid tiers also extend the maximum duration to 30 hours and provide you with meeting recordings and transcripts.

Here is the pricing information for upgrading to a premium version after downloading Teams. Microsoft Teams is included with Microsoft Office 365 subscribers. Premium plans start at $4.00 per user per month and require an annual commitment. The subscription plan for Microsoft Teams Essential costs $4.00 per user per month, Microsoft 365 Business Basic costs $6.00 per user per month, and Microsoft Business Standard costs $12.50 per user per month.

Notably, the Microsoft 365 platform will not only download Teams to your system, but will also include Office apps and services.


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