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Check how to download and install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Hello, Ubuntu users! On April 21, 2022, Canonical released the highly anticipated Ubuntu 22.04 LTS desktop operating system. Jammy Jellyfish is the code name for Ubuntu 22.04, which is an LTS (Long Term Maintenance) release that will get updates and support for the next 5 years. We will see how to install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) step by step with screenshots in this article. Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS before moving on to installation.

How to Download and Install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Download Ubuntu 22.04 ISO File

  • Please visit the following link to download Ubuntu 22.04 LTS iso file from official ubuntu web portal; It is as follows:

Download Ubuntu 22.04 – Jammy Jellyfish

Create bootable installation media

Once the ISO file is downloaded to your system, burn it to a USB drive and make it bootable.

  • To create a bootable USB drive, use the Startup Disk Creator tool:
  • In the Show apps search box, type Startup Disk Creator.
  • If the tool is not installed, the Software Center provides the option to install it.
  • In the top panel, click Other. Browse and select the Ubuntu 22.04 .iso file.
  • In the bottom panel, select your USB flash drive.
  • Click Create Startup Disk.

Bootable system with bootable installation media

  • Reboot the target system where we want to install Ubuntu 22.04. Go to BIOS setup and change the hard drive bootable media to the USB drive.
  • When the system boots with bootable media, we get the following screen.


  • Choose “Try or Install Ubuntu” and press Enter.
  • On the next screen, click “Install Ubuntu”


Choose keyboard layout

  • Choose your preferred keyboard layout, then click “continue”


Prepare for installation

  • In this step, you must choose the type of installation. There are two options, normal installation and minimal installation. In the normal installation, all GUI related applications will be installed, while in the minimal installation, only the basic applications will be installed.


  • Normal installation is recommended for the best desktop experience.
  • When you have an internet connection during installation and want to install all updates and third-party graphics software, Wi-Fi drivers and additional media formats, you can choose both options and leave them unchecked.

Other options when installing ubuntu-22-0

  • Click ‘Continue’ to continue

Choose the type of installation

In this step we will be asked to choose the type of installation. Here, installation type means partition scheme. Here are two types of installation.

  • Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu Will erase entire disk and create partitions automatically.
  • Nothing else. To create a custom partition scheme, select “Something else”.
  • If you are new to Ubuntu Linux, it is recommended to choose the first option. In this guide, I will show how to create custom partition scheme via another option.

Other options when installing ubuntu-22-0

  • Click “Continue” and we will get the following screen,


  • As we can see, we have 40 GB of disk space for installing Ubuntu 22.04. We will create the following partitions there.
  • /boot – 2 GB (ext4 file system)
  • /home – 26 GB (xfs file system)
  • / – 10 GB (xfs file system)
  • Swap: 2 GB (xfs file system)
  • To start creating a partition, first create an empty partition table.
  • Select device -> Click “New Partition Table”


  • Click Continue,
  • Now create our first partition as /boot of size 2 GB. Select free space -> Click on the + symbol
  • Boot-Partition-Creation-During-Ubuntu-22-04-Installation Click OK.
  • Similarly, create /home and /partition of size 26GB and 10GB respectively.



  • Click ‘OK’
  • Finally, we create our last partition as a swap of size 2 GB.


  • Click OK to finish creating the partition.


  • Reserved-Bios-boot-area-ubuntu-22-04-installation
  • Once you are done with the partition scheme, click on the “Install Now” option on the next screen to continue the installation
  • Choose-Install-Now-Ubuntu-22-04-Installation
  • On the next screen, choose “Continue” to write your changes to disk.


Choose your preferred location

  • Select the location according to your current region, it will set the time zone accordingly.


Create user and set hostname

  • In this step, specify the local username and password. We would use this user after installing the operating system. Also specify your system’s hostname.


  • Click Continue to proceed with the installation

Ubuntu 22.04 installation started

  • As we see in the next window, the installation has started and is in progress.
  • Create-User-Set-Host-Name-Ubuntu-22-04-Installation-768x576_LI
  • Click Continue to proceed with the installation
  • Ubuntu22-04-Installation-Progress
  • Once the installation is complete, we will be asked to restart the system.


  • Click “Reboot Now” to restart the system. Also, don’t forget to change the bootable media from USB to HDD from the BIOS setup.

Login screen after installing Ubuntu 22.04

  • When the system boots after the reboot, we will have the following login screen.
  • Login-Screen-After-Ubuntu-22-04-Installation
  • Use the same credentials we created during installation and hit enter,
  • About-System-Information-After-Installing-Ubuntu-22-04

Final Words: How to Download and Install Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

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