How to Download and Install Tor Browser on a Linux PC


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Check out how to download and install Tor Browser on Linux PC

Data protection is one of the most talked about topics these days. From NSA spying on citizens and governments to Facebook data scandals. People who care about their privacy try to find ways to protect their privacy. For those who are concerned that agencies will spy on their network, Project Tor offers some of the best solutions to protect your privacy. The Tor protocol is one of the most popular tools in the Tor project. Tor Project has its own Firefox-based Tor browser configured to protect user privacy and anonymity using the included Tor and Vidalia tools.

If you are familiar with Firefox web browser, Tor browser is your customized version. Your web traffic is visible in Firefox but not in the Tor browser, you use your Tor network to route all web traffic and provide your users with the anonymity and privacy they desperately need.

Install Tor browser on Linux using the installer

Installing Tor Browser in a Linux operating system environment is made easy with the Tor Browser Launcher. It automates most of the installation steps, making it easy for any user to follow. First, go to the Tor download page and download the Tor browser installer file and run the following commands to install it.

    • $ wget
    • $ tar -xvf tor-browser-linux64-10.5.2_en-US.tar.xz
    • $ cd tor-browser_en-US /
    • $ chmod + x start-tor-browser.desktop
    • $ ./start-tor-browser.desktop

Install Tor browser on Linux using Flatpak

Whatever distribution of Linux operating system you use, consider the applicability of Flatpak to install the latest Tor browser launcher on your Linux system. Flatpak is a software package management and deployment utility. It is efficient for accessing and installing many Linux applications. Its reliability is guaranteed by the management of the installation of Tor Browser Launcher.

We need to cover two steps to fully install and use Flatpak. The first step is to install the Flatpak package and then add its repository (Flathub) to our system. This repository will give us the installation privileges for the Tor browser application.

Install Flatpak on Linux

Ubuntu and Linux Mint distributions support Flatpak by default. However, to be sure, we can verify the installation.

    • $ sudo apt install flatpak

For users of other Ubuntu based distributions, Basic OS, or Debian based distributions, you may need to add the official PPA repository to your system first before installing Flatpak.

    • $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa: alexlarsson / flatpak
    • $ sudo apt update
    • $ sudo apt install flatpak

For users of Fedora and Red Hat Linux distributions, use the following install command:

    • $ sudo yum install flatpak

For openSUSE users, use the following command:

    • $ sudo zypper install flatpak

For Arch Linux users, use the following command:

Now that Flatpak is installed, we need to add its repository information to our Linux system. This will help us track and download our Tor browser app. Use the following command to add the Flathub repository to your Linux system.

    • $ sudo flatpak remote-add –if-not-exists flathub

With Flatpak and its repository (Flathub) fully configured, it’s time to install Tor Browser Launcher using the following command.

    • $ sudo flatpak install flathub com.github.micahflee.torbrowser-launcher

How to use the Tor browser in Linux

To access the Tor browser launcher, use the following command.

    • $ flatpak run com.github.micahflee.torbrowser-launcher

Executing this launch command leads to a GUI instance which will begin to download your Tor browser. You will interact with various on-screen instructions before your Tor browser setup is complete. If you encounter an error. You need to change its property and write permissions with the following command and then run the command again:

    • $ sudo chown -R $ USER: $ USER $ HOME

Another probable error To correct this, run the following scripts one after the other:

    • $ export DISPLAY =: 1.0
    • $ pip install opencv-python ==

After installing the “opencv-python ==” module, add the installation directory of the f2py, f2py3 and f2py3.8 scripts to the path:

    • $ export PATH = / home / dnyce / .local / bin /: $ PATH

Remember to replace “dnyce” in the above command with your system username. Restart your machine and run the Tor Browser Launcher command again:

    • $ flatpak run com.github.micahflee.torbrowser-launcher

Downloading and installing Tor Browser will take some time on your system. Once the installation is complete, you will be presented with the main Tor user interface. To start using Tor Browser, you have two options. First, you can click on the “Tor Network Settings” menu. Here you can set your connection settings preferences before you start browsing the Tor network. Alternatively, you can click on the “Connect” menu on your main screen for a direct connection to the Tor network.

Final Words: How to Download and Install Tor Browser on a Linux PC

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