How to download and install the advanced settings of OpenVR


Expand your virtual reality experience using the advanced settings of OpenVR; here’s how to make them work.

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Playing with a virtual reality headset can be tedious at the best of times. You put your helmet on correctly, then trace your play area, move everything aside, and what is it? Your play area is just a little too wide.

Constantly removing your VR headset to configure crucial options is frustrating. Wouldn’t it be much nicer if these functions were accessible in VR?

OpenVR Advanced Settings is a very versatile add-on that allows a new overlay in your SteamVR menu. Here is how to install it.

How to download the advanced settings of OpenVR

OpenVR’s advanced settings are available for free through the Steam Store. Alternatively, a separate installer is available on GitHub. Take one of the two downloads below. Both versions are more or less the same, with the GitHub version being more likely to have a small revision or update. Both versions have the same characteristics.

To download: OVR advanced settings (To smoke)

To download: OVR advanced settings (GitHub)

How to install the advanced settings of OpenVR

If you installed the version from the Steam Store, you are already done. The next time you launch SteamVR, you will be able to access OpenVR’s advanced settings.

For those who install the standalone version, you’ll want to run the AdvancedSettings-xxx-Installer.exe file found on the GitHub page.

ovr advanced settings installer screenshot

Take note of where you install the files. Once the installation is complete, you will need to launch SteamVR at least once and then run AdvancedSettings.exe to complete the stand-alone installation.

screenshot of ovr advanced settings installation directory

Once you’ve run AdvancedSettings.exe, you’ll be ready to access additional menu options.


How to access and use the advanced settings of OpenVR

OpenVR advanced settings are now accessible from your SteamVR menu.

screenshot of ovr advanced settings icon in steamvr dashboard

Access all of OpenVR’s incredible features without ever removing your headset. You can also right click on the program taskbar icon to configure settings outside of your headset as well.

A settings add-on that does much more

Now that you’ve installed OpenVR’s advanced settings, you will be able to configure a wide range of options from your headset.

Being able to do so much more from your headphones can not only keep you gaming longer, but also be more productive. If working in a VR environment is something you are interested in, there are plenty of ways to increase your productivity and enjoy VR as a gaming ecosystem.

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