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PC gamers have been eagerly waiting to play Apex Legends on Linux and they finally have the opportunity to do so. Even though it has not been officially revealed by the developers, many gamers have already tried it and are happy with the results.

Moreover, the Battle Royale game is equipped with Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) on Linux, which is one more reason to get excited. The news has yet to be released by EA, Valve, or Respawn Entertainment.

Linux users can finally enjoy Apex Legends

Just found out that APEX LEGENDS NOW WORKS ON LINUX Ok, I might still go back to Fedora this semester. Just need to figure out my streaming setup

Linux users have already tried to enjoy the Battle Royale game on the operating system using Steam Proton. Steam Proton is basically software that allows gamers to run Windows supported video games on the Linux operating system. The software acts a bit like an emulator.

However, many players who used Proton were eventually banned by the developers due to suspicious activity. It was also because there was no official support for running Apex Legends on Linux. Also, EAC was not compatible with the operating system.

How to download and enjoy Apex Legends on Linux?

Players should follow the steps below to enjoy Battle Royale game on Linux:

Step 1: Linux gamers will need to head to Steam to download the Battle Royale game. They will be able to see the Linux-specific EAC file in the game folder.

2nd step: Players will then need to open Steam and go to the top left corner and tap on Steam.

Step 3: Next, they will need to tap on Settings.

Step 4: After heading to Steam Play, players will need to check the “Enable Steam Play for all other titles” box.

Step 5: Next, they will need to choose “Proton Experimental” from the drop-down section.

Step 6: Linux users will finally have to press “OK”.

When it comes to performance, Linux games can face short lags early on, but as they continue playing, the experience becomes much smoother. Now that it is compatible with Linux, players can rest assured that it can also run smoothly on Steam Deck, given that the platform has a Linux-based operating system.

Some players have already started enjoying the Battle Royale game on the Steam Deck, but there has been no official confirmation regarding the availability of the title on the platform. Players are waiting for Apex Legends to appear on the “playable/verified” list on Steam Deck.

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