How to delete your Cash App account and transaction history

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If you’re looking to delete your Cash app’s transaction history, there’s no way to do that in the app. If you really want to permanently delete your transaction history, you will need to completely delete your Cash App account. Here’s how.

What to know before deleting your Cash App account

Before you rush to delete your Cash App account, there are a few things you should take note of first. For starters, when you delete your account, it’s permanent. There is no temporary opt-out like you would with many social media platforms.

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When you delete your account, your #Cashtag, account history, and all associated account data are permanently deleted. You can always create a new account, but Cash App will treat this account as a completely different account. There is a twist to this, however. Account history, at least for a certain period of time, is only permanently deleted for you. Cash App states that as a financial institution, they are legally required to keep some of your transaction records and account information. Exactly what this information is, they do not say.

Close the account statement.

Finally, you may want to download your account history before deleting your Cash app in case you need to refer to it in the future, as there is no way to retrieve this information once the account deleted.

How to download your account history

You will need to access your Cash App account from a desktop browser to download your account history. Launch your browser of choice, navigate to the Cash App website, and log in to your account. Once logged in, click on “Statements” in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Next, click “Export CSV” at the top of the drop-down menu that appears.

Your account history will then be downloaded as a CSV file.

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Permanently delete your Cash App account

To download your account history, open the Cash App on your iOS or Android device. Next, tap on the “profile icon” in the upper right corner of the screen.

On the next screen, tap “Support”.

Support option.

The next screen will display a short list of parent topics. Tap “Something else” at the bottom of this list.

Tap Something else.

A long list of child topics will appear. Tap “Account Settings” at the bottom of this list.

Tap Account Settings.

Yet another list of options will appear. On this list, tap on “Close your Cash App account”.

The ability to close your account.

A message will appear on the next screen indicating what happens when you close your account. Read everything and, if you’re sure you want to permanently delete your account, tap “Confirm”.

Confirm that you want to delete your account.

Your account is now permanently deleted.

With your Cash App account deleted, so is your transaction history. Remember to delete the mobile app from your iPhone or Android.

Don’t stop there, however. If you have a PayPal account and want to get rid of your transaction history, you’ll need to take a similar approach.

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