How to choose a reliable, fast and convenient application for storing cryptocurrency


In a rapidly developing world, the winner is the flexible person who reacts to change. If before the competition was between people, now we are competing with computers. Technologies process information faster and in greater quantities. However, people create new ideas and support machine work.

Crypto wallets appeared with new cryptocurrencies in 2009 and have been storing digital money for a decade. In 2022, there are around 50 million crypto wallets on the market and many of them are distinguished only by name and design, but not by functionality. Only a few services are truly innovative, as they have unique technical characteristics. One of them is the full version BitMarket Network Client wallet.

What is BitMarket?

It is a multi-currency local crypto wallet. His work does not depend on the Internet, so you can not be afraid for the safety of your personal data and savings. The application is completely free and cross-platform, so it can be downloaded on any Win / Mac OS X / Linux device. Transactions can be made in unlimited amounts, as there is no commission for the exchange. The available cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Litecoin. They are presented in fiat currency – at the current dollar rate.

The registration procedure on the server is very simple – new users only need to come up with a seed phrase. No entry of personal information – email or passport data. The wallet is protected by a two-factor authentication system, which generates a one-time password on your second device each time you try to log in.

BitMarket cares about the privacy of its customers, so it does not read or store your IP address or transfer passwords to third-party servers. Additionally, the developers release the open source code and review the update history, so everyone can make sure the service is working properly.

What is the unique feature of Bitmarket?

The developers implemented new technological characteristics of the application at the beginning of February 2022. Two versions of the application were released in a few days: 0.13.0 and 0.13.1. They have significantly improved not only the speed of service, but also the usability. Now, the new version of the Blockchain wallet stands out from its competitors in the market. What has been added?

First, a new type of AES-XTS disk encryption. Developers around the world consider it the best disk encryption utility because it has no alternative. It provides additional application integrity support through an improved algorithm. Secondly, the amount of data downloaded from the server has been reduced to a minimum – 16 MB. This allows the wallet to receive only part of the data from the server to update its sections without downloading a whole new page. This seemingly small detail has a huge impact on how the app works. And the third no less important feature is the well-designed Qt meta-language. This is directly related to user experience and user interface – thanks to QML it is more dynamic and intuitive. This is partially achieved by binding sound effects to the keyboard. Seemingly small details, but users have already noted big differences between new and old versions of the wallet.

What updates are planned in the near future?

You might notice that BitMarket developers don’t stand still and work on their app daily. A new version of the wallet can be released in a month or even a few days. The developers themselves have already announced the next updates:

• add new types of crypto-currencies (the most liquid and popular Binance, Ripple, Dash, Airswap and Ethereum are given priority);

• expand the range of supported devices (mainly with iOS and Android).

BitMarket is a rapidly developing project. Last year it was in alpha, and in February 2022 two versions of the wallet were released. Join its creative team of professionals and make history as the developer of a unique crypto wallet.

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