How to Boot Galaxy Note 10 into Recovery Mode and Download Tip 2022


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Check how to boot Galaxy Note 10 in recovery mode and download

Samsung does not have a Fastboot mode on its smartphone and instead uses a so-called download mode. Both share some similarities, but offer very different features and experiences. Today I will show you how to start and exit Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ download mode. When someone wants to boot an Android smartphone or tablet in fastboot mode, it is because they want to run a Fastboot.exe command. There are several things we can do with this tool, but it is usually used to flash firmware image files (boot.img, system.img, etc.) or unlock the bootloader.

Samsung uses Download Mode instead, but it can do some of the same things as Fastboot Mode. From a user perspective, the main differences here are the tools we use to interact with that particular boot mode. For Fastboot mode, we will (obviously) use Fastboot.exe, a command-line tool. With Samsung Download Mode, we use a Windows program called Odin.

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Once off, press and hold the volume up button and the power button at the same time. Keep pressing these buttons even after it vibrates and “Samsung Galaxy Note 10+” appears on the screen. Then it will boot into recovery mode. At this point, release both hardware buttons.

With ADB commands

The proven way to enter recovery mode for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (or any other Android phone) is to use ADB commands. To run ADB commands, you will need a computer and a USB cable.

If you have never used ADB commands before, you need to establish an ADB connection between your phone and your computer. To achieve this, check out our in-depth guide. Once you’ve been redirected to the correct folder and verified the connection between your phone and computer, return to this article.

Enter the following command at the command prompt or in the terminal window. Note that if you are using macOS or Linux, you will need to put a “./” at the beginning of the command.

Start in download mode

Download mode is a special mode on Samsung devices that allows you to update with official software and install packages manually using a tool like Odin. For example, when the Android 9 Pie beta leaked in 2018 for the Galaxy S9, it was through this mode that he was able to install it.

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Enter recovery mode using one of the methods described above. Once there, use the volume rocker to navigate to “Reboot with bootloader” and press the power button. The phone will reboot, but this time enter download mode.

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With an ADB connection configured (see above), enter the following commands at the command prompt on your computer:

Final words: How to boot Galaxy Note 10 into recovery mode and download

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