German Volla Phone 22: No Google on a privacy-focused phone


A German privacy-focused phone called Volla Phone 22 doesn’t have Google services. Besides its decision not to include Google, the offers users a unique way to protect their privacy through the use of Linux-based operating systems.

Hello Welt Systeme UG launches the Volla Phone 22

According to ScreenRant’s story, as growing concern over privacy and security mounts, some smartphone makers are creating new ways to keep up with the demand. As seen with the Volla 22, a privacy-focused phone, one of their decisions was to take Google out of the picture.

German startup Hallo Welt System UG has created its third smartphone since its inception, Volla Phone 22, and it comes with unique security and privacy decisions. As seen on its Kickstarter listing, users have a choice of white or black color options.

Volla Phone 22 Specifications and Privacy Features

Interestingly, the Volla Phone 22 still uses Google’s Android operating system, but the big difference is that it uses a “no Google apps and services” version. The device also comes with unique security features such as the ability to blacklist or whitelist an IP address, parental controls, app locker, and encrypted storage.

In addition to the privacy-focused features, ScreenRant notes that the dual boot feature is another nice addition brought by the Volla Phone 22. In addition to running the AOSP-based Volla OS, a second operating system can be installed on the device like an Ubuntu Touch or others.

Users can choose between two different operating systems

If two operating systems are in play, once turned on, the device user can easily choose which one they want to boot via the multi-boot menu. Winfuture discovered and shared that the MicroSD card can also be installed with a second operating system.

The article notes that this can be done through additional support from a feature update. Additionally, Hello Welt Systeme has announced that it will bring other Linux-based operating systems.

Options for Linux-based operating systems

If more Linux-based operating systems are available for users, smartphones can be installed with Manjaro, Sailfish and Droidian. The addition of new Linux-based operating systems is an interesting mix as this feature is not commonly promoted in the smartphone world.

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Google adds security features as demand for privacy grows

As the demand for privacy increases, manufacturers are looking for tools to give the smartphone user more control over shared information. An example of this is seen in how permission for individual apps can be disabled with Google.

Google’s Android 12 also lets users choose whether they want to share their approximate location with any app that requests it. Users will have more control over which apps can access which information.

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