Firefox 98 is now available for download with a new optimized download flow


Firefox 98 is now available for download ahead of the official launch tomorrow (March 8) for fans of this open-source, cross-platform web browser for GNU/Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows platforms.

While Mozilla sticks to its monthly release cycle to new versions of Firefox, it looks like Firefox 98 is a minor update that only brings a few changes. One of the biggest changes is a new optimized download flow where files are downloaded automatically without prompting the user to choose between opening the file with a certain application or saving it.

In previous versions of Firefox, the user was prompted with a dialog box when trying to download a file. This dialog contained an option that allowed you to do just that, by setting one of the available actions (open or save), but only for certain file types. Now this is done automatically in Firefox 98 for all downloadable files.

Mozilla says users can still open downloaded files from the download panel with a single click. Additionally, Firefox 98 adds the ability to delete downloaded files directly from the downloads panel via a new right-click “Delete” context menu option.

Among other changes, this release promises to improve the loading of add-ons on startup using only webRequest blocking calls. According to Mozilla, non-blocking webRequest calls caused add-ons to start early, which may result in a performance issue for Firefox. So the web browser should start faster now.

For web developers, Firefox 98 enables the

Default HTML element to add support for HTML-based modal dialogs, improves hyphenate-character property to define a string that is used instead of a hyphen (-) at the end of a hyphenation line break, adds support for the HTMLElement.outerText DOM element, and improves the navigator.registerProtocolHandler() API to register protocol handlers for ftp, sftp and ftps schemes.

As mentioned earlier, Mozilla will officially announce Firefox 98 on March 8, 2022, but if you want to test it on your GNU/Linux distribution, you can download the binaries for 64-bit or 32-bit systems, as well as the source tarball, by this mozilla moment ftp-server.

And, if you’re wondering, Wayland is still not enabled by default in this build since Mozilla said it’s just a feature for its Nightly (alpha) builds of Firefoxwhich was also updated today to Firefox 99, a version that promises to bring overlay scrollbars to GTK, support for searching with or without diacritics in the PDF viewer, as well as the ability switch Narrate to ReaderMode with the “n” key.

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