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Arch Linux is an independently developed Linux distribution that keeps it simple. Arch Linux developers define simplicity as “an operating system without unnecessary additions or modifications”. Welcome to our Arch Linux download page.

Main characteristics

  • Create your own operating system: Arch Linux is a very minimal Linux distribution, which means that it is equipped with only the most basic features. As an Arch Linux user, you have complete freedom to add components and features.
  • High performance: Arch Linux is a clutter-free operating system. Thanks to its simplicity and its effectiveness, the performances of Arch Linux are of an incomparable level.
  • No system upgrades: This system is based on a so-called ‘rolling release model’, which means that you will only have to install Arch Linux once, without having to think about upgrading to a new version. The operating system updates fully automatically.

Where can I find an Arch Linux installation guide?

In general, we can say that installing Arch Linux requires more knowledge than most other desktop operating systems. However, thanks to the very well written Arch Linux Wiki installation guidethe process is not rocket science.

Is Arch Linux free?

Arch Linix is ​​a free open source Linux distribution. Downloading, installing and updating Arch Linux is completely free.

Is Arch Linux secure?

Yes, Arch Linux is by default a safe operating system. If you’re looking for ways to further increase the security of Arch Linux, we recommend checking out the following tutorial:

Required configuration

To run Arch Linux smoothly, your system must have at least 512MB of RAM. The operating system is only compatible with 64-bit processors. For the installation of Arch Linux, you will need 2 GB of free disk space.

Besides the standard version of Arch Linux, there is also a port called Arc Linux ARM. This particular distro is optimized for computers with an ARM architecture chip.

Images: © Levente Polyak.


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