Catalog of webOS applications, SDKs and others restored by a third party – OSnews


webOSArchive (WOSA) is the unofficial repository of information, recovery efforts and archives for Palm/HP’s webOS mobile operating system. This site does not provide material or information about derivative operating systems, webOS Open Source Edition (wOSE) or LG webOS for TVs.

It is the position of the Curator and the remaining webOS community, that webOS devices from Palm and HP, including Pre-series phones, Veer and Pixi phones, and the TouchPad, remain useful devices that bring both value to their users and education to the rest of the industry. In fact, many webOS innovations have been copied by modern mobile OS developers. You can follow the ongoing efforts to restore and maintain the usefulness of the platform here, or join the community and get involved!

This includes the entire app catalog, SDK, developer information, documentation, and more. An impressive effort and a great resource for people who still use and/or game with their webOS devices.


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