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The prospect of playing video games for a living is something many could only dream of years ago. But with live streaming becoming increasingly popular and reaching new heights of mainstream traction, that dream has become a reality for many. With these factors in mind, there’s no better time to try streaming than now.

Get Lost in the Sea countless other shows on Tic can be a death sentence for new creators hoping to enter the space, which is why many choose YouTube Games. Although it lacks the culture and history of Twitch, YouTube Games offers new streamers a less cluttered streaming platform on which they can better stand out.

Unfortunately, you can’t just boot your PC and start streaming to YouTube right away. You will need to download the software first. The list of streaming software can be daunting, so if you want to try YouTube Gaming streaming for yourself but aren’t sure which one to use, we’ve got you covered.

Best Streaming Software for YouTube Gaming

The best software to live stream on YouTube Games is without doubt O.B.S. Studio. For starters, it’s completely free to download and use, which is perfect for someone who dips their toes into streaming and doesn’t want to invest too much. In addition to this, the software is constantly updated by its developers and works perfectly on Mac, Linux and Windows

Picture via OBS Studio

As for the OBS Studio software itself, it is open-source, so it has unlimited customization options. Whether you want to broadcast a poll for your viewers to vote on or add an image from the internet to your screen, adding sources to OBS Studio is quick and easy. You can even stream yourself on YouTube and Tic simultaneously.

With its ease of use, availability, and customization, there’s a reason many of the world’s top streamers use OBS Studio.


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