AUDAC adds a new update for its touch application – rAVe [PUBS]


AUDAC has released update 2.7 of its AUDAC Touch app. New features of the AUDAC app include:

  • New Device List and Device Discovery — The Device List is a page in AUDAC Touch that is used to show you all the devices that are in your installation. However, with heavy users, the list of devices can get long and obscure. The solution? AUDAC has split the device list into a device overview and a discovery page. When you access the AUDAC Touch discovery page, the app automatically starts searching for devices on your network. But instead of instantly remembering every device in the app, it will just give you an overview of all devices. You can then decide which devices to add to your device list and which not. On the registered page, you’ll see a handy overview of all the devices you’ve added to your account. To make the whole device discovery mode even easier, AUDAC has also introduced a search bar at the top of the recorded page.
  • Linked devices – AUDAC has also grouped the linked devices into the direct device so that the list of devices is much cleaner and organized. A direct device is a device that you control using its own IP address. While a linked device is a device that you control using another device’s IP address.
  • Probe devices – Another handy new feature is the device probe. The poll is used when we want to physically change a device, for example when you want to replace it with a new one. Probe will search for all devices with the same device type so you can update your AUDAC Touch database without having to change everything manually.
  • Supported platforms include: Linux, iOS, Android and Windows.

Here are all the details:



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