AppImage Pool is an App Store to help you find and manage AppImages


Short: An interesting graphical interface to manage and find AppImage applications; let us know more about it!

We have a lot of information about the history of AppImage and how it was made. If you’re new to Linux, you should also check out our guide on using AppImage.

AppImage makes it easy for apps to run on various distributions without needing to install any dependencies or anything.

However, unlike Flathub for Flatpaks, you might not find a portal to browse the apps available as AppImages.

NX Software Center at Nitrux operating system does the same job, but it is not available for easy installation on other distributions. So, AppImage Pool comes to the rescue as an app store for AppImage apps that you can install in any Linux distribution.

Pool AppImage: a graphical interface to manage and search AppImage applications

AppImage Pool is a front-end GUI built using Flutter that retrieves application data from AppImageHub and allows you to quickly find, download and manage AppImage applications.

It doesn’t host any AppImage files, but it does allow you to download the available AppImage files from the project’s GitHub page.

When you try to download an AppImage file, it lists all of the options available for an app in its GitHub versions section.

I’m not sure if this is limited to GitHub projects, but you get all the selected options shown in the AppImageHub Portal.

Features of the AppImage pool

appimagepool gimp

AppImage is a simple app store that lets you find, download, and manage AppImage files.

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to download a specific version of the AppImage file
  • Filter applications by categories
  • Download progress icon
  • Manage all installed AppImages
  • View download history

Since the app is designed using Flutter, it provides a fast experience.

If you are a developer, you can also install Flutter on Linux, if that encourages you to build an app using it.

appimagepool categories

Installing the AppImage pool on Linux

For obvious reasons, the developer offers an AppImage file available for download.

You can also choose to install the Flatpak package from Flat hub. There is also a nighttime version of AppImage if you want to try out one of its upcoming versions.

Find out more about his GitHub page.

Thoughts on Using the AppImage Pool

main appimagepool

The app works as expected. However, I noticed that some of the apps listed did not have a download link or associated information.

After all, the data comes from AppImageHub.

Additionally, you might find it odd that some apps only list pre-release AppImage files, such as Blender.

appimagepool mixer

While this could also be a plus in selecting a project’s release branch, I don’t think I would download any pre-release packages.

Overall, it’s good to find something that makes it easier to download and manage AppImages.

I suggest you give it a try and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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