An open source Linux application to follow the financial market


Short: A Linux application to help you quickly follow market movements.

Usually you log into a service on your web browser to monitor and track the market for investment opportunities if you are an investor / trader.

But what if you want an app for your Linux desktop and Linux phone? Since we have a few for Android / iOS smartphones, this should be useful for Linux devices as well!

Watch stocks from around the world through Yahoo Finance

“Markets” uses data from Yahoo Finance to provide you with required information on stocks, cryptocurrencies, currencies, etc.

Although it is a simple desktop-oriented application, it is available for Linux smartphones and offers some valuable features. Let me list the main highlights of what to expect.

market research

Market characteristics

With Markets, you can follow, monitor and analyze market trends and make investment decisions.

There are a few features along the way which include:

  • Possibility to customize the update interval
  • Build a personal portfolio
  • Add any symbol or currency
  • Display the time in international format
  • Dark mode
  • Supports Linux phones (PinePhone, Librem5)
  • Selectively remove stock monitors

As mentioned earlier, this is a very simple Linux application to help you track financial data.

dark mode markets

And, I would say it works pretty well and lets you quickly search for a stock, commodity, and more to quickly build a personal wallet on your Linux desktop.

With a dark mode, it’s a cinch to watch it and follow the market movements.

You can select from the existing list of added markets and delete according to your selection. And, the international time format is useful. As you can see in the screenshot, the time mentions the time zone you are in by default, which should be helpful.

Moreover, from the lists, you can click on it to launch the browser window to get all the details about Yahoo Finance; this is what it will look like:

yahoo tesla

Installation of markets under Linux

It is available as a Flatpak application for Linux distributions and can be found in AUR for Arch users. For Linux phones, they recommend installing it from source.

To install it from the terminal, you just have to type:

flatpak install flathub com.bitstower.Markets

You can explore the building instructions and other information on their GitHub page.

Do you prefer to use an application on your Linux desktop to quickly track financial data? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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