AlmaLinux 8.6 beta is now available for download


The AlmaLinux team has officially announced the deployment of AlmaLinux 8.6 Beta for x86 64, ARM and ppc64le architectures.

The latest version of the CentOS alternative is codenamed “Sky Tiger”. It incorporates several new changes in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6.

Some of the changes included in the AlmaLinux 8.6 beta update are:

  • New module streams added; PHP 8.0, Perl 5.32, log4j 2 and container-tools 4.0
  • New repositories added; Real Time (RT) and Real Time for NFV (NFV)
  • Latest release adds support for configuration files built into OpenSSH
  • Latest release brings checksum option to semodule command to check versions of installed SELinux policy modules

Meanwhile, interested users can install the ISOs from the shimmer link.

Below we have offered commands to upgrade the almalinux-release package to version 8.6-0.0.el8 from the repositories:

$ dnf install -y

$ dnf clean all

Additionally, the new package includes updated repository URLs that users can run using the following command:

$ dnf upgrade -y

Plans added in the AlmaLinux 8.6 Beta update are:

  • almalinux-backgrounds – AlmaLinux background images. Replaces redhat-backgrounds
  • almalinux-indexhtml – AlmaLinux default browser page. Replaces redhat-indexhtml
  • almalinux-logos – AlmaLinux graphics for OS. Replaces redhat logos
  • almalinux-logos-httpd – AlmaLinux graphics for the HTTPD server. Replaces redhat-logos-httpd
  • almalinux-logos-ipa – AlmaLinux graphics for the IPA server. Replaces redhat-logos-ipa
  • almalinux-release – AlmaLinux release package, repositories and EULA. Replaces redhat-release and redhat-release-eula

For more details on the latest version of AlmaLinux, you can head to the following link:

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