8 Reasons to Try Session as a Private Messaging App


Now that users want a privacy-friendly messaging app, there are plenty of choices on the Google Play Store and App Store.

The session is one of the most interesting options available. The app is a fork of Signal, but it improves and adds changes to provide a private messaging experience.

But is it correct? Can you trust him? Why should you try it as a private messaging app to replace your current solutions?

Can you trust Session for messaging?

Session is available in the official app market for Android and iOS. It is also available for Windows, Linux, and macOS desktop platforms.

Although not as popular as Signal and other messengers, Session is open source and you can find the source code in its GitHub repository. On top of that, the app undergoes regular security audits.

Session has been actively developed for some time and receives regular updates.

So, like any other open source app, you should be able to trust the app. Session usability is another story, but it doesn’t appear to be a rogue app.

Either way, you should know more about the history of the app and its developers if you don’t trust them yet.

Here’s why you should try Session as a private messaging app

Session is an impressive messaging app that emphasizes privacy and security. To some extent, it offers better privacy compared to Signal, and it also has a few things that stand out from the competition.


Here we mention some of the reasons why you should try Session.

1. Doesn’t require a phone number

meeting phone number

Your phone number is one of the most critical pieces of information. It’s associated with your conversations, and you’ll need to share it with other users if you want to communicate.

It doesn’t take long for an attacker to use the phone number to lure you into scams or download malware. The session does not require you to register using your phone number.

So you don’t have to share your mobile number with other users and your conversations are no longer associated with the number.

Instead, Session generates a random number (session ID) when you register. You will need to copy or write it down.

You will need a recovery phrase to recover your account or migrate conversations to a new device. Unlike a phone number, you should be able to freely share the session ID publicly without hesitation, if needed.

2. Free to use

As an attractive offer, Session is completely free with no hidden costs.

You can choose to donate to help the developers financially, but this is completely optional.

3. Open Source in Nature

As mentioned above, Session is like Signal, where you can find its source code and audit it if necessary.

As an open source solution, you can use an app that’s transparent with its users and potentially safer than proprietary alternatives.

It also means that Session cannot cease to exist. Anyone can fork the project and build their version of Session if needed. You can also decide to experiment with it.

4. Decentralized network

decentralized session messenger

Unlike most other private messengers, Session does not rely on a centralized server. Therefore, a single point of failure will not affect its network.

Similar to Tor, Session relies on a decentralized network, and for this very reason, it can work well against censorship. It’s hard to shut down your network, compared to a service that relies on a centralized server like WhatsApp and Signal.

Note that decentralized networks may be slower, but they are effective against outages and censorship.

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5. Protection of the IP address

Because Session uses a decentralized network, your connection is routed through multiple points. Thus, your original IP address remains hidden.

The connection is similar to the Tor network, where you stay connected to the network through multiple locations, which also hides your home area. All in all, it improves your digital privacy with such techniques.

6. No metadata

session messenger metadata

One of Session’s main strengths is the elimination of all metadata associated with the messages you send.

Metadata can be anything like location/timestamp or any device data associated with the message. You don’t see it, but it is there. Metadata can reveal a lot of information without you realizing it. And, Session claims to eliminate all metadata associated with messages.

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So you get a private messaging experience without having to worry about it. It can also be useful for whistleblowers or journalists talking to their sources.

7. Good Privacy Policy

It is crucial for a service to offer a simple and user-friendly privacy policy. Fortunately, Session explains the technology well through its privacy policy without mentioning false claims.

The session is transparent to the visibility of your IP address when you connect to its network, but the application does not record or store this data. He also advises you to use a VPN to protect your IP address if you want to remain anonymous.

8. Cross-platform support

Session is truly a cross-platform private messaging app, and it’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

You can also find the APK package on its official website and GitHub repository. This can be useful if you don’t prefer official app stores.

Try alternative private messengers instead of mainstream options

Most of us stick to popular messaging platforms for security and safety reasons. But, as the above points suggest, privacy-focused messengers are potentially better and more advanced than WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and others.

Of course, more security-focused features don’t guarantee a good user experience. However, you should know the reasons to try alternatives like Session, and if you end up liking it, you’ll equip yourself with unique tools you’ve never heard of.

That said, there’s so much to love about Session. If you are a privacy enthusiast, you might find it better than Signal, but it all depends on your user experience and preferences. Nevertheless, it is a must-have messaging app!

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