4K Stogram Now makes it easy to upload photos and videos to Instagram – here’s how!


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4K Stogram is a virtual tool that makes Instagram story downloads much easier and will let you view Instagram stories anonymously and without sweat. With just a few clicks, you can browse any media you want via hashtags, username, and location before saving them. Then, feel free to view them offline wherever you are!

This online tool is from the 4K Download product pool – a variety of cross-platform shareware that allows users to create, view, download, and publish media content from popular social media sites.

Is the 4K stogram good?

4K Stogram offers the easiest Instagram story uploading. You have the choice of uploading Instagram photos and videos just by searching for hashtags, locations, and usernames, whether they are private or public accounts. Once completed, you will find your Instagram downloads categorized into specific categories.

Besides that, it is also a backup software that automatically saves photos and videos of your own story and Instagram posts or those of others. Saving those Instagram downloads ensures offline access wherever you are.

However, let’s evaluate the other handy features of 4K Stogram along with its pros and cons.


1. Friendly

The interface is easy to navigate. For this reason, the instructions are now easier to follow. You’ll never have to search for instructions – thanks to the simple interface. 4K Stogram also provides multilingual support, making it easy to navigate for non-English speakers.

2. Useful and safe features – free or not

The free version of 4K Stogram offers basic services sufficiently advantageous to perform its main function. You can view and download Instagram media, then watch it organized into pictures, videos, stories, and highlights. The highlight of this app is being able to download and view Instagram stories anonymously.

On the other hand, the paid version gives room for more Instagram downloads without any limitation. In addition, without advertising.

Both versions still allow users to download media in bulk. Then view them in their original resolution unlimited offline.

3. Quick assistance to make things hassle-free

You can click the auto update option to sync and update the accounts you want to download media from. This feature will help you track your collection of Instagram story downloads before it expires.

That’s not all – you can also view the displayed media at any time. Something else; it can also provide cross-platform support (it currently supports Windows, macOS, and Linux).

The inconvenients:

1. Occasional freezes

By “occasional” it means that technical problems are rare. But when that happens, their customer service is just a click away. Additionally, they already have a solution to some of the more common technical issues.

2. The free version contains ads

The basic package may contain ads, but you can still get the most out of its services; to download any Instagram photo and video.

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How to download Instagram videos and images?

4K Stogram is cross-platform and can work for MacOS 10. 14, 10. 13; Windows 7, 8, 10; Linux Ubuntu. As for the updates, they are currently in version 3, and the last version dates from June 2020.

Here are the steps to compile your Instagram uploads using 4K Stogram available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

For macOS, Windows and Linux:

1. Log in to Instagram.

Launch 4K Stogram and click on the profile icon to log into your account. You will need to verify your account when logging in.

Note: Signing in is not required unless you want to back up your account or download an Instagram story. Downloading Instagram itself won’t be necessary either.

2. Browse and download Instagram photos and videos.

You will see a search box in the upper left corner. Search for your favorite content by searching for hashtags, location, and username. This intuitive search box will immediately display the results.

Stogram 4K

(Photo: 4K Downloads)

Based on the results, select the Instagram photos and videos you are looking for. In the advanced settings, you can even download the media within a specific date range.

Stogram 4K

(Photo: 4K Downloads)

Click on the subscribe button to start the download. You will find the downloads under the “All” tab. By right clicking on photos and videos, you can choose how you are going to manage them.

Note: Instagram users will not receive notifications if you upload their photos and videos.

3. Organize your Instagram downloads.

Tap the two opposite arrows in the upper right corner to see an organized view of your download. Closed captions are also visible once you hover over media.

You also have the option to sort the saved Instagram photos and videos.

4. Get updates.

With the refresh button, you can get real-time updates on the accounts you follow. This button will keep your compilation of Instagram story downloads updated before expiration.

5. Use the backup function for your Instagram downloads

By entering your Instagram credentials and uploading content, you can already back up your account. The “Users” tab will automatically save everything.

How to fix 4K stogram if it is not working

If you find that the app is having technical difficulties, there is a way to resolve them.

  1. Restart 4K Stogram, refresh the screen, and sign back in. See if that will work afterwards.
  2. Remember to stay up to date with the latest version and use it for bug fixes and other updates.
  3. 4K Download offers customer service on its reviews page. You can try to contact their team or file a complaint with your email address.

4K stogram review for your Instagram downloads

As social media slowly replaces traditional ways of storing memories, apps like Instagram will take the place. You can optimize your use of this app if you have the tool to browse and download Instagram photos and videos from any post, story or highlights in the easiest way possible.

Fortunately, 4K Stogram has it all – with additional backup and sync features while protecting user anonymity. Without having an account, you can view Instagram stories anonymously.

Signing in will only be required to retrieve your Instagram story downloads before the 24 hour deadline.

In comparison, this is still the easiest way to view and manage your Instagram downloads; be it a story or a post. Windows, macOS, and Linux users can get the base version in exchange for its base services.

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