4 ways to find out your phone’s processor and how fast it is


Hundreds of phones are launched over the year, with hundreds of processors, it becomes difficult to know the true potential of the chipset used in each phone, and to compare it with other phones, with a different processor. You can check our guide to find out which processor is inside your phone. Today I am going to share ways to test CPU speed or if performance has degraded over time. So let’s take a look.

Ways to find out your phone’s processor and how fast is it?

Technology is changing at such a rapid pace that we get new updates every two months. These upgrades can be of two types, either a major upgrade or a minor upgrade. If it is a minor upgrade, smartphone brands play a tactic, giving away the newest chip (with a minor upgrade), and while downgrading the already existing models, with upgrades software updates, encouraging consumers to buy the latest model.

It’s a very ugly practice, but it happens in the practical world, even big brands, like Apple, have been caught using this tactic (throttle gate). You can check if your smartphone brand has done this with your phone by these methods:

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Antutu Reference

Antutu is one of the leading reference mobile apps. It runs several tests to check the performance of the phone’s CPU, RAM, and graphics. To get a broad check of the overall performance of the phone. After the test is completed, it displays a score on your phone (the higher the score, the better the performance).

This score can be compared over time. You get more information about temperature changes and battery drop while running the test. If the score decreases over time, it means your phone has become slower and sluggish. But don’t rely solely on Antutu, as we have seen brands manipulating Antutu as well. In this case, test several landmarks on your phone.

Antutu (Android) Antutu (iOS)

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Geekbench benchmark

Geekbench is also one of the leading benchmarking apps for smartphones. It tests the speed and memory of the phone’s processor. After the test is completed, you will see a single core score, it represents that the processor can handle multitasking. The app saves score history, so you can view performance over time and compare over time to check if performance has degraded or not.

Geekbench is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux. There is also a Machine Learning version of Geekbench, to test the ML capabilities of modern processors.

Download Geekbench

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3D brand benchmark

3D Mark Tests your phone’s graphics and gaming capabilities as it plays heavy visual graphics scenes and intense rendering. It also displays a quick comparison chart with other similar phones available with similar hardware capabilities. You also get your phone’s score history, for future comparisons.

3D mark (Android) 3D mark (iOS)

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Bonus: PC brand benchmark

PC Mark is a different benchmarking app for your phone, it considers all your phone components as a single unit, to test your phone’s overall score. The difference between the PC mark and other tests is that it tests the phone for real tasks such as web browsing, video editing, writing, data manipulation and photo editing performance. Even though PC Mark doesn’t show any historical benchmark testing. This helps to get data on how your phone performs for real use.

Download PC Brand

Conclusion: discovering the processor

This is how you can check the processor speed of your phone and know more about the actual performance of the phone. As I mentioned earlier, smartphone brands can manipulate some benchmark apps, like Antutu. It’s best to run several benchmark apps and test your phone’s capabilities, over time, to see if your phone has slowed down or not.

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